About Us

Nuclear Home Video

Nuclear Home Video is a fully integrated movie studio and a leader in the conception, production, marketing, licensing and distribution of Independent, Arthouse and B movies. The studio distributes worldwide in over 70 countries and territories. We are an alternative to mainstream blockbuster movies featuring works from established and upcoming writers, directors and actors from around the world who with smaller budgets than major pictures display their deeply creative abilities making star driven quality entertainment for all to enjoy.

Nuclear Home Video Television

Nuclear Home Video Television markets and distributes gripping drama’s, side splitting comedies and action-packed edge of your seat episodic television shows on most major networks in the US and Canada. In addition, the studio produces the supplemental entertainment news program “The Fallout Zone”, bringing you news, interviews and information from our new release movies and shows, get up close and personal with the stars, writers and directors as we take you behind the scenes, giving you a front row seat.

Nuclear Home Video Streaming Platform

Nuclear Home Video Streaming Platform is a one-of-a-kind streaming platform offering a wide array of high-quality movies and television shows for all ages. Our value priced streaming platform gives the viewer what they want, when they want. As the slogan says: “Experience True Movie Independence.” Unlike other platforms we do not use sneaky algorithms to track your viewing habits. Instead, we believe you have the power of choice and should be able to make your own decisions on what movies you would like to watch, much like the days of video stores when you walked through the door and cruised the shelves to find that special movie to take home with you.

Nuclear Home Video Merchandise

Nuclear Home Video Merchandise brings you collectables and wearables from selected movies and television shows. We also carry cult classics not seen in a while featured in our wildly popular “Blast from The Past” section.