Frequently Asked Questions

NUCLEAR HOME VIDEO is a movie studio operating much like other major movie studios but what makes us extremely different is we only deal with Independent, Art-house and “B” movies from the US and around the world. Our focus is to bring independently made movies to the marketplace for all to enjoy.
Yes, do we ever, in fact it is a one-of-a-kind site bringing the viewer and the filmmaker together in one place. There are a lot of great movies that do not get the attention they deserve, and the potential audience has no idea what they are missing out on…until now…Welcome to the explosive and entertaining world of NUCLEAR HOME VIDEO!
Our Founder and CEO came from the video store days where he and his then multi-label video distribution company distributing Independent, Art-house and “B” movies that once thrived in the direct to video market, since then streaming has come along, and even though many of these types of movies are being made, their attention in the marketplace is poorly recognized therefore NUCLEAR HOME VIDEO understands the value of these movies and truly celebrates these types of movies and creates a more balanced showcase for the world to see, as this is all we do and this is why our company’s slogan is: “Experience True Movie Independence”. In fact, that is not just a catchy slogan, it is our mission and sole purpose!
On the top of our main page on our website there is a submission form, fill it out and follow the directions for submission and you will be placed with our submission team, if they believe your movie has the right stuff, we will reach out to you via email or telephone and begin the process.
NUCLEAR HOME VIDEO proudly distributes its movies to over 70 countries and territories around the world and its television shows to most major networks and cable channels as well. Distribution is at the core of the company and is a major component of what we do.
In addition to acquiring movies from filmmakers, NUCLEAR HOME VIDEO makes its own original movies and television shows, finances, co-finances and produces projects in-house that will be marketed and distributed not only to our own streaming platform but to all our distribution outlets around the world.
Absolutely, we could not leave those great companies out of the equation!
Yes, we do, there are select movies that are a good fit for a theatrical run as there are many theaters here in the USA that do well with Independent, Art-house and “B” movies, it is however on a case-by-case basis especially with all the changes in the theater marketplace these days.
“The Fallout Zone” is an entertainment news and information show that only reports on movies and television shows that are being shown on our streaming platform and being distributed worldwide by us. We don’t cover stories from other companies, we put all the focus on where it belongs, on our contracted Independent, Art-house and “B”movies, as our filmmakers and show creators deserve our undivided attention.
There are so many great movies from years and decades past, these movies paved the way for what we have now, therefore, we are paying tribute to these great movies and the awesome writers, directors and actors that made it come to be. Let’s face it, cult classics are very cool and have a special place in our hearts.
In today’s episodic television products, to go to network television the minimum is 8 episodes preferably 12, these do not have to be all completed to be acceptable, just as long as this is ultimately the finished product. When it comes to placement on our streaming platform, we can accept seasons of as little as 4 episodes.
Of course, as you can tell by the name, we are staying in theme with the company’s name’s sake. This newsletter is sent to our subscription holders as a supplement to their membership, there they will find special perks, giveaways and contests along with interesting extra information on NUCLEAR HOME VIDEO events and where to find them.
A design for our backlot facilities is underway as this is a very important piece of our company. Continue to check back here at our website for further updates.