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NUCLEAR HOME VIDEO is proud to announce our CEO Christopher J. Martin will be a regular guest of the nationally syndicated “FRANKIE BOYER SHOW” each week Christopher will speak about the business of movies today and share what is new from NUCLEAR HOME VIDEO. “The FRANKIE BOYER SHOW” is produced out of Boston and syndicated thru BIZ TALK RADIO.

NUCLEAR HOME VIDEO has signed a deal with GLOBAL MEDIA SAVANT to produce and distribute worldwide the upcoming feature film “THE BEAUTIFUL ONES”. The film will be directed by Crystle Roberson (Queens TV Series) and produced by Christopher J. Martin and written by Curtis Brown. The all-female singing group “THE BEAUTIFUL ONES” develop their musical careers and themselves through a series of trials and tribulations, while their rival group “JAEL” and her all girl group try and stand in the way. Music Supervisor Amir Windom (Bruno Mars) is attached with an all-star cast currently in the making. Preproduction is tentatively set to start early 2023.

NUCLEAR HOME VIDEO has inked a deal with ELAY TV PRODUCTIONS LLC to produce and distribute worldwide the upcoming documentary “Who iz Chilae’”, the long-awaited film chronicles the life of the sensational R&B recording artist Chilae’ (pronounced Chill-lay) who rose to fame in 2004 with his debut album “TORN”. The film takes you from the struggles of his early life to his rise to success all on a road of unrelenting turmoil and uncertainty, gifted with all the tools of the trade and yet with seemingly everything stacked against him it’s a true rollercoaster ride. Production is tentatively set to start early 2023.